Nour Eldin Mansour

Senior Developer

Nour is a co-founder of nojolu and Senior Developer.
Nour Mansour graduated from Cairo University with a computer programming degree in 2012.  Within two years he was elevated to the rank of Senior Developer and has continued to learn and even teach as a second job.  Nour was on the development team assigned to rewrite the ITS RHouse system in 2014 as Team Lead, and since was employed directly to perform all the development and maintenance for ITS. In tandem he has also held multiple other positions as Senior Developer.  He is proficient in Software Life Cycle, OOP, Data Structures and MVC.  He is fluent in English as well as Arabic and his communication skills are outstanding.

Web Development100%

Technical Expertise96%

Problem Solving86%


Nour Mansour has been an instrumental part of various companies as their Senior Developer.  His insight and clarity of an issue and how that translates into code are intuitive and clear. He is able to break down a problem and ask questions in layman's terms as well as communicate on a highly technical level. And he has a master of his time and capabilities.


Senior Developer, Project Technical Lead

Nour Mansour

Nour is dedicated to his work and when he ever stops working, he spends time with his wife, traveling, or friends and family.