Joanna Vanderslice


Joanna is a co-founder as well as CEO/President.
Vanderslice’s background is in Engineering. But in 2002 she began to develop software for a company she hadtaken over. Starting from spreadsheets and will power, she set out to create a housing and registration system for that company that would be highly functional, and cost effective so it was accessible to everyone.  Years later and several phases of development brought about ITS RHouse.  The system is used Nationally to help Convention Centers, sports commissions, sports complexes and event owners run their events.

That is where she met Nour Eldin Mansour. She recognized his exceptional work, respect from his peers and desire to continue learning and improving and a friendship and working partnership formed.

Over the past two years, they discussed developing a new company where they could continue to do projects together.  It was after Christine Luksic joined the group that the decision was finalized and nojolu was formed.


Process Control94%

Executive Decision Making75%

Sounding Board80%



I keep things moving and in the right direction.  Whether large scale concepts or details, I can keep the process flow moving forward.

Joanna Vanderslice

Joanna enjoys spending time with her family, and working on house restoration in her free time.