Christine Luksic

Project Lead/Technical Liaison

Christine is a co-founder as well as Project Lead/Technical Liason.
Christine has a degree in Computer Science and has worked in the defense contractor and business sectors as a software Information Systems Engineer.  But her niche is working as a Technical Liaison, interfacing between her programming team and her clients.


Understanding the Heart of Our Clients95%

Social Media56%

Logic & Algorithms70%

I think I see people and situations well.  And I love to help others see their true self.  I guess that's why I am so excited to work with small and medium size business. I know that I can help them bring their ideas to reality in a way that is more than just 1's and 0's.

Christine Luksic

Although Christine would like nothing more than to spend all her time working on nojolu projects, she also most happily spends her time with her family or working in her garden.